Star Line Ferry Adds Dock, Island Business Ramps Up

 A new dock looking to bring in more freight to Mackinac Island.

The Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry saw a need to expand and finally completed the dock expansion this week after working on it for the past couple of months.

Mackinac Island has been getting busier each year, and always has to make changes to adapt to the influx of people.

“We started a freight service last year to help the citizens get their goods the things to make the island go we were so busy last year we knew we needed to expand the dock to accept more freight,” said Star Line CEO, Jerry Fetty.

After months of work, a dock expansion is ready and in use on Mackinac Island.

Star Line says now they’ll be able to bring more freight to businesses – a change that helps everyone.

“This time of year there’s enough freight to keep all 3 of us busy, last year we had a significant increase in business and this year steady if not more.”

And they’re not the only ones who have been making changes to keep up with the crowds. Some restaurants have had to expand too.

“We opened a wine bar opened seating here, redid the entire dining room a lot more booths better seating more comfortable,” said Trey Cosner, Manager of Draught House and Mary’s Bistro. 

Everyone says the island business just seems to keep growing.

“You have a lot more traffic up and down the streets more bike being rented more traffic, and upturn in the economy more people are willing to spend money,” said Andrew Scouller, Ryba’s Bike Rentals. 

“Growing, more attractions up here, we added a wine bar other people have added things just more to bring people up and keep business going,” said Cosner.