Japan’s Currency Decrease Prompts Tourism Boom

Japan’s tourism industry is booming.

As tourists cram in the country’s prime sightseeing spots.

But that’s not all they’re doing.

Foreigners are spending money on the country’s high-end technology, cosmetics and pretty much anything else the consumer paradise has to offer.

So much so, high end stores are investing in linguistic skills for staff.

Many are learning mandarin and english.

The rise is mostly due to the Yen’s low value.

Its creating new opportunities in what was once a very old market.

“It’s pretty good value for us at the moment. It’s (the yen) not like the us dollar, it’s dropped a lot. So, it’s good for us.”

Japan is also seeing more visitors from mainland China and south-east Asia after visa restrictions were relaxed last year.

The country hopes to have 20 million foreign visitors by 2020 when Tokyo hosts the Olympic Games.