U-M Student Accused of Resort Vandalism Pleads Guilty

An update tonight on the University of Michigan students charged for damaging Treetops Resort this winter.  

A weekend of havoc in January left treetops resort looking like this.

Treetops says the damage is somewhere around $430,000 dollars.  

Today Michael Vlasic pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of a building less than $1,000 dollars.

Now he only faces a misdemeanor.

“As long as he complies, pays restitution, does what the court ordered him he won’t have the other penalty. Should he violate it we could bring the felony charge back if we choose to do so,” said Prosecutor Michael Rola. 

Vlasic will still be required to pay restitution.

Two other sigma alpha mu members face misdemeanor charges — they’ll be in court in august.