2016 State Budget Puts More Funding Into Education

Millions more for education.

Governor Rick Snyder signed-off on the next state budget Wednesday afternoon.

The 2016 budget totals $54.5 billion.

It’s about a three-percent spending increase from this year.

Executive Director of Student Services at Traverse City Area Public Schools, Jame McCall is happy to know the state is funding early literacy programs.

“We have always seen the importance of early literacy and child development. Over the past five years we’ve seen our preschool program explode with a focus on that literacy development and we’ve also incorporated some zero to three education for parents and children,” said McCall.

The goal is to get kids reading proficiently by the third grade.

The funding could be used for things like reading coaches.

McCall says it is still unclear how TCAPS might use it.

The governor also put more dollars into training for skilled trades.

Cameron Fuller is the Vice President of Clark Manufacturing.

He has seen a shortage of machinists.

“We’re excited about the awareness to the shortage of skilled work force in the future,” said Fuller. “We’ll definitely support those programs because there is going to be a skilled trade worker gap and we need to narrow that gap.”

He says educating people is the first step.

“This is definitely a good step to generate more awareness,” said Fuller. “Some people are now available to train these people to get them to a level that we can put them in particular jobs.”