Soo Woman Jumps From Second-Story Window To Escape Fire

A Sault Ste. Marie woman didn’t wait for first responders to help her escape a fire.

She jumped from this second story window to get out.

Tonight she’s in the hospital recovering from that jump down to the sidewalk in front of her apartment building.  

The fire started early this morning above a business on Ashmun street in Sault Ste. Marie.

“My heart and prayers go out to the folks next door,” said David Scott, Owner of a neighboring business.

A frightening jump this morning for a woman after she woke up to her bedroom in flames.

“It took some courage second story to bail out on the concrete, you land pretty hard. We found there was smoke coming out of the window and the resident of the apt was on the sidewalk in front,” said Fire Chief Jason Thorpe.

Crews also evacuated nearby apartments.

They were able to put the fire out before it could spread to neighboring buildings.

“A lot of these older buildings are connected like mine, and it’s a concern.”

The fire chief says he’s not gonna suggest someone jumps from a second story window – but he says when you feel your life is in danger sometimes you have to do all you can

“Each situation is different but we always encourage you escape to building if possible  If she felt immediate threat to her life, coming out the window is the best option but its not recommended if you can exit in some other way,” said Thorpe.