People Take Precautions to Avoid West Nile Virus

Avoiding mosquito bites can prevent West Nile virus, the mosquito-born illness that was already discovered in Michigan this year.

Eric Johnson and his family enjoy camping outside, with various bug repellents on hand to keep mosquitos away.

“The Cutters, the candle, the sprays, and the Raid fogger really clears out the area real quick if you’re in an area where there’s a lot of them,” Johnson says.

After West Nile Virus was confirmed downstate, campers and others should do everything they can to avoid mosquito bites.

“You take your precautions,” Johnson says. “You don’t want to catch anything, West Nile or Lyme Disease.”

Humans aren’t the only ones at risk.

Vets urge horse owners to vaccinate their animals against West Nile virus, not only to protect the horse but those who take care of it as well.

“If you have a horse for example that’s tested positive for West Nile then you know that disease is more than likely in your area and you should take extra precautions for yourself, such as wearing mosquito repellent, wearing long sleeve clothing, because if a horse can get it that same mosquito can also bite a person,” says Dr. Val Prettyman, a vet at the East Bay Animal Hospital.

People can help avoid bug bites by staying out of areas where mosquitos breed, like near standing water. It’s another way to avoid possible health issues this summer.