Residents React To Coyote Spotted Near TC Neighborhood

People living in Traverse City are in shock after a coyote was spotted near their homes.

Traverse City Police responded to a call Saturday morning of a coyote near Fair Street.

The animal appeared to have been hit by a car and was dragging its rear legs.

People living in these condos were alarmed on Saturday morning when a hurt coyote made its way to Traverse City.

“A wounded animals are dangerous. It was scary to see that in the city especially with many people around and a park full of children across the street,” said Chuck Shelley, resident. 

Chuck Shelley called police after the mail carrier scared the coyote.

“She told there was coyote that she scared out the bushes right outside of the building and it was limping,” said Shelley. 

Police eventually trapped the coyote near this car.

Steve Griffith is a wildlife biologist for the DNR.

He says coyotes are usually scared of people, but can view small animals as prey. 

“They could view a house cat or a small pet dog as a competitor. “If they are feeling territorial — they could a dispute,” said Griffith. 

And if for some reason you encounter a coyote…

“Stand your ground, yell at it or harass it however you can– they will most likely run off,” said Griffith.