UPDATED: Community Shocked After Deadly Stabbing of 12-Year-Old Boy and Brother

Police have now released the description of a possible suspect.

They are looking for a white male, between 5’9 and 6’0 tall, weighing 150 pounds.

He was last seen wearing a neon green landscaping shirt during the attack.


The Indian River community is heart broken.

This weekend 12 year old Timber Brown and 26 year old Jonathan Brown were stabbed to death in a brutal attack.

Tonight, they are both being remembered as kind, and bright people who lost their lives far too soon.

As Vicki Moore recovers in the hospital, they are coping with the loss of her sons Timber and Jonathan.

Dick Penewit, grandfather of the two boys, says, “I’d give up everything, everything but I can’t but its not going to bring them back and its not going to make Vicki better now but we just got to go on.”

“Jon was going to college in Alpena. He just turned his life around and started making something of it it was too soon it shouldn’t happen like that.We’re going to miss Timber, he was full of life, loved art, loved working in the shop, playing with cousins and his big brother.”

Timber’s track coach says he was loved by many at Inland Lakes, where he went to school and ran track

“I just know that he’s in a good place and I know this community as small as it may be that we always rally together to prayer financially. We’ll get through this and well have incredible memories.”

For now, family is asking for prayers, as they keep the boys close to their hearts

“It’s there in your heart everyday and that’s where Timber is gonna be he’s gonna be in our hearts forever.”

Now here at the school, Tuesday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., they are having a drop in community event where counselors and pastors will be on hand to talk about what happened.

There will also be a candle light vigil this Friday in Wolverine.


“We’ll get through this and we’ll have incredible memories.”

A family is reacting to the deadly stabbing of two boys with ties to Northern Michigan. 

Troopers are trying to figure out who stabbed Timber Brown and his half-brother Jonathan to death. 

Vicki Moore and her son Timber are from Indian River in Cheboygan County.

Jonathon, Timber’s half-brother grew up in Wolverine.

The three went to the Michigan International Speedway this weekend.

Family members say they had planned to camp, but when it started to rain, they decided to stay at a home in York Township in Washtenaw County.

Police say someone stabbed the two boys and seriously hurt Timber’s mother Vicki.

Two others in the home were also stabbed.

Tonight, police say they have a person of interest.

Timber Brown was a student at Inland Lakes Schools. 

He just finished up seventh grade.

The family and the rest of the community is in shock.

The family says Vicki Moore is in the hospital tonight, in stable but critical condition.

Meanwhile, family back in Indian River are looking for answers as to why Timber and Jonathan were attacked.

And are sad they were taken so soon.

“I’d give up everything, everything but I can’t, but it’s not gonna bring them back, and it’s not gonna make Vicki better now, but we just gotta go on,” said Timber’s grandfather Dick Penewit. 

It’s a tragic loss for the Brown family and the entire community, but people are getting together Tuesday to celebrate Timber’s life.

The event runs from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Inland Lakes school gym.

Local clergy, community organizations and school staff will all be there.

It will provide an opportunity for the community to gather and talk.

Everyone’s asked to enter through the student parking lot..

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Police say they’ve identified a person of interest after two people were stabbed to death during a break-in downstate.

There were five victims total, including three from Northern Michigan.

Vicki Moore, her 12-year-old son Timber and Timber’s older brother Jonathon went to the Michigan International Speedway on Saturday.

According to family members, Moore and her family, from Indian River in Cheboygan County planned to camp.

But heavy rains forced the family to seek shelter at a home in York Township in Washtenaw County instead.

A friend of Vicki’s suggested she say at the home of a friend, a person Vicki did not know. 

The family says someone stabbed Jonathon and Timber to death and severely injured Vicki.

Vicki was stabbed 14 times and is in critical condition. 

Michigan State police are investigating this as a homicide.

Timber had just finished 7th grade at Inland Lake Schools where he ran track. 

His track coach described him as a bright and cheerful kid who was well-liked by all. 


Five people were stabbed, two were killed, and now one Northern Michigan woman is fighting for her life at a downstate hospital.

Vicki Moore, her son Timber and Timber’s brother Jonathon were all on their way to Michigan International Speedway this weekend.

However the rainy weather forced the family to stop at a home in York Township in Washtenaw County.

The three were from Indian River in Cheboygan County.

The family says someone stabbed Jonathon and Timber to death and severely injured Vicki.

At least two other people where stabbed inside the home.

Michigan State Police are investigating this as a homicide.

As Vicki Moore fights through surgery in a downstate hospital, her family and friends say, if anyone can make ti through this, it’s Vicki.

“She’s a hard worker, she is stubborn, she’s a great mom, she’s worked, taken care of her kids, put herself through school and she has a seven year old little girl at home,” says family friend Sharon Hush.

Vicki’s son Timber is being remembered as a young man who couldn’t get enough of Northern Michigan.

“Timber was a typical twelve year old boy loved the outside ran track at school he was getting ready to start football here this year liked to kayak camping very outdoors,” says Hush.

His older brother Jon shared many of those loves.

“He loved the outdoors, trucks, big tires, mudding and he loved Timber. Timber was his little brother, his life and his little buddy,” recalled Hush.

For now the family is hoping and praying as Vicki fights through surgery.

“As good as can be expected at this time and everybody’s just holding together to stay strong for Vicki,” says Hush

They say it’s almost overwhelming to see the support coming from Northern Michigan.

“It’s very touching for the whole family to see the help and the donations coming in. Vicki’s not going to leave this hospital for a couple months, maybe longer. We’re looking at a long recovery,” says Hush

The family has set up a go fund me page to help offset medical expenses.