Beat the Pro: Forest Dunes

Roscommon – It might be off the beaten path but Forest Dunes in Roscommon is a perfectly named Northern Michigan golf course.

“I’ve said before that it’s kind of like Dorothy walking into Munchkin land, it just appears from nowhere and everything turns to color,” said Chad Maveus, Head Golf Professional at Forest Dunes. “The first nine holes kind of take you through the forest and back nine holes are more through the natural dunes area.”

A unique combination that comes alive on hole 8.

“You don’t really see what is going to appear in front of you and by the time you get to the middle of the fairway you’re actually glancing back at the ninth hole as well as the clubhouse,” explained Maveus.

However something that might grab your attention earlier in your outing is the construction of a new course that is expected to open within the next 18 months.

“What’s going to be unique is it’s going to be the only one in the nation that can be played reversibly,” Maveus said. “The uniqueness of the design allows us not only to get an additional 18 holes, but actually an additional 36 holes. We’re still in the process of figuring out operationally how to handle the ins and outs of a golf course that you can play backwards, but the idea behind it is that we’ll rotate the option every other day.”

But for guests looking to extend their round, our Beat the Pro hole is where you should save your best swing for last.

“The 19th hole is very unusual, the fact that there is a 19th hole . . . to have a place to kind of settle things out and maybe have a bet over a drink or dinner or a few dollars and be able to settle that off the golf course after your round is complete is just a nice feature,” explained Maveus.

When Maveus stepped up to the tee box he hit a shot 14’5″ away from the flag, making our participants work if they want to beat him.

Showing up for competition day was Ronald McDonald himself. He had a great outing on the green, hitting a shot a mere 53 inches short of a hole in one.

However stealing the show was Houston, Texas native Steve Schreck that dropped his ball 9’7″ to the right to beat Maveus and punch his ticket to the finals this August.

From Forest Dunes to Mackinaw Island, our summer tour is taking the ferry to Wawashkamo Golf Club next Friday.