Peterson and Knauss Guilty in Manistee Cold Case

The prosecution asked the jury to find both men guilty of first degree murder.

“I’m sure when he was sitting at that picnic table, you gotta use your imaginative powers, this was 20 years ago. I’m sure Pete Peterson, when he was sitting at that table didn’t have a suit on,” said prosecutor Doug Baker.

Peterson’s defense brought into question the testimony of many witness’s against their client.

“Ones an admitted liar, even the prosecutor brought out the fact that she’s a liar. “The other is Mr. Knauss who in mind committed the murder,” said Peterson’s attorney, William Grant.

Knauss’ defense said their client was scared of Peterson and did not agree to participate in the murder. Knauss also goes by his middle name, Scott.

“Scott wasn’t only shocked and terrified, but he was morally twisted with what happened his father figure shot his best friend,” said Knauss’ defense attorney, John Spillan.

In the end, the jury found both men guilty of first degree murder.

It’s a day Adamczak’s sister has been waiting on for nearly 2 decades.

“It’s a closure when you have someone pass away and you know they’re gone you still worry about things I often wondered what happened to him how it happened,” said Carol Reffitt.

But perhaps most importantly she recalled the love she still has for her brother Vince.

He’d probably do he used to do stuff to me he’d go like this he’d go peachy peachy which meant I love you,” she remembered.

Both convictions carry mandatory life sentences. A sentencing date for both men has not been set.