Wexford County Dog Gives Life To Save Owner From Bear Attack

“Max never had a prayer against that bear. It was quick.”

A beagle sacrificed his life to get between his owner and a charging, angry mother bear.

The dangerous encounter happened around 11:30 p.m. last night in Haring Township near Cadillac.

Jeff Hanna and his wife, Renee, were watching a movie last night with their two dogs, Pete and Max.

“Pete came out of the bedroom. He was barking.”

When Pete started barking, they knew something was amiss.

“The bear had came and tore the feeders down so I grabbed a flashlight and I walked all over the backyard.”

He couldn’t find the bear.

Later that night, the bear found him as he was taking the boys out for one more bathroom break.

“I spotted a bear coming around the shed that you had seen out there by the driveway. I seen it and, at that point, I could tell it was charging. I just yelled, ‘get out! get out! it’s here!'”

that’s when Max stepped in to save Jeff.

He jumped at the bear but it quickly overpowered him.

The police found the bear only yards away from the porch with three cubs up in this tree.

They chased it off but the damage was done.

“The dog and the bear collided right there. The bear hit the dog and rolled him over and then that bear went right for that dog’s throat.”

The injuries were too much, they had to put Max down, leaving the family he saved and Pete, his surrogate son, behind.

“He loved everybody. Everybody.”

“He was a good rabbiting dog. Loved his rabbits, but he loved kids. That was his thing. That was max.”