Non-Profit Helps Dogs In Their Final Days of Life

A new non-profit is giving dogs a warm and loving home in their final days of life.

Silver Muzzle Cottage in Elk Rapids is a rescue.

It takes in older dogs who are suffering from a medical condition.

The non-profit is hoping to build a permanent shelter for the dogs.

“She’s very loving, extremely loyal and she adores me. She truly loves me and I truly love her,” said Kimberly Wattle-Prud’Homme. 

That’s how Kimberly Wattles-Prud’Homme describes her 11-year-old pit bull, Sydney.

She has cancer and only has a few years to live.

“I met her, fell in love with her and took her home within an hour,” said Wattle-Prud’Homme. 

Sydney was rescued by the Silver Muzzle Cottage.

The non-profit takes in senior dogs who only have two to four years to live and provides them with the medical care they need.

“They come in very bad shape. We take them in and get them fully vetted. We get them updated on their vaccines and spayed and neutered in if they need to be,” said Kim Nelson, Silver Muzzle Cottage founder.

Since March the organization has rescued 23 dogs.

Right now the dogs are put in foster care until they are adopted.

Founder Kim Nelson is hoping to raise $50,000 to turn this building into a permanent shelter.

“Volunteers will spend their days with the dogs— helping them, taking care of them and loving on them,” said Nelson. “The building needs plumbing, electrical, windows and doors.” 

So more dogs like Sydney know they were loved and cared for before they pass away.

“She’s brought a lot of joy to me— I feel very lucky I can do this,” said Wattle-Prud’Homme. “She’s my girl– I know I love you too– yes I do.”

To donate to the Silver Muzzle Cottage, click here.