Local Resource Centers Shares Child Abuse Symptoms

“It doesn’t matter if it’s dating, you wouldn’t leave your child with a stranger, unless you know that that person is going to be a good influence and a good caregiver for your child,” said OASIS Family Resource Center Executive Director Sally Repeck.

OASIS says it’s critical that people don’t trust their children with a girlfriend or boyfriend right off the bat.

“We all know when you’re dating you want to integrate the families together and things, but people need to be very careful and vest those individuals they leave their kid with.”

Some kids are too young to verbalize what’s going on, so adults have to be extra careful and attentive.

“Are they crying more? Watch how that person reacts around them. Watch how the child reacts with them.”

She says it’s hard for normal people to wrap their heads around.

“To subject another human being to that type of torture, that person is sick. And that person needs to take responsibility for what they did.”

While everyone handles abuse differently, there is a common thread.

“That does scar you. You remember that abuse no matter how little you were.”

She says there’s a difference between acting up and having a more serious issue.

So trust a kid if they open up to you.

“You always believe people. When they tell you that they’re uncomfortable with someone. If it’s a child, that they don’t want to go see Uncle Joe.”

If you suspect it, it’s important to voice those concerns.

“It may be uncomfortable for an individual to be proactive and call the police on their neighbor but it is much more uncomfortable to live with the fact that you could have done something to save a child.”

If you have any reason to believe someone you know is being abused, the center stresses you should call police immediately.

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