Charges Filed Against Three Teens Involved in Deadly GTCo Accident

A renewed emphasis on keeping teens safe after an accident that took the life of a Buckley High School student earlier this spring.

The Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s office has now charged the other three teens in the car with crimes.

17-year old Gavin Luther died when he crashed the car he was driving on Jewell Road in Grand Traverse County back in April.

One surviving teen is now charged with allowing someone to drive drunk and without a license to drive.

That teen and another are also charged with having alcohol.

A third teen the car is charged with driving drunk, driving without a license, and selling alcohol to minors.

Buckley principal Todd Kulawiak has been thinking about student safety since 17-year-old Gavin Luther died in a car accident.

“Schools are dealing with these tragedies and I hope we don’t have to deal with them as long as were educating students,” said Kulawiak. “When things like this happen— we rethink what we need to do for our kids as they grow.”

He says it’s important to educate teens about making smart decisions, especially as the school year comes to an end.

“It’s not easy being a teen– peer pressures are there. We need to make sure that we have kids that are able to make better decisions,” said Kulawiak. 

He says it’s an effort the whole community has to help with.

And he says students also need to look out for each other.

“It’s okay to be the person to say no that’s not going to happen or no this is going to stop,” said Kulawiak. 

He says communication is the key to keeping students safe.

“We need to find those opportunities to talk about things teenagers are dealing with that weigh heavy on their minds,” said Kulawiak. “We just need to educate everyone.”