New Details Emerge About Upper Peninsula Triple Murder Case

Northern Michigan’s News Leader is learning new details about the events leading up to and following the murder of three people in the Upper Peninsula.

Police found the bodies of Carrie Nelson, Heather Aldrich and Jody Hutchinson in a burned out car in Schoolcraft County back in April.

Since then, they arrested three people, Ken Brunke, Marietta Carlson and Gary Cordell, for their involvement in the case.

We now know more about the investigation, but the new details are complex and span a few weeks.

Police found the bodies on April 17.

Ken Brunke called into his job at the Schoolcraft County Road Commission, telling them he was not coming into work that day.

Police continued their investigation over the next few days.

On April 24, they interviewed a witness.

She told them she was with Gary Cordell just after police found the bodies.

Investigators say he is a known cocaine dealer in the U.P.

The woman says she watched Cordell throw what looked like clothes into the river.

Two days later, on April 26, Cordell, who was already in jail, asked to meet with the undersheriff.

He told him he saw the three victims at the Brunke’s house the day of the fire.

Then he said Aldrich stole cocaine from Brunke.

On April 27, ten days after he called into work, police arrested Brunke in Illinois.

And that leaves us at May 8, when the three, Brunke, Cordell and Marietta Carlson were in court.

All three face murder and unlawful imprisonment charges in this case.

Brunke is scheduled for a court hearing next month.