Michigan Veterans Take Once in A Lifetime Trip to Washington D.C.

A once in a lifetime trip for dozens of Michigan veterans.

More than 60 veterans landed in our nation’s capitol Tuesday morning.

It’s all part of the Mid-Michigan Honor Flight.

The group took off early Tuesday morning from Grand Rapids.

When they landed, they spent the day touring Washington D.C. and its various war monuments.

9&10’s Cody Boyer took the trip and has more details about the Honor Flight in our top story.


We’re here at Arlington National Cemetery where we witnessed the Changing of the Guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Thousands of people come on a daily basis just to watch the Changing of the Guard. 

It is an extremely somber atmosphere in the cemetery. 

The next stop will take us to the Korean War Memorial, where veterans will pay their respects to fallen Korean War soldiers.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader will have complete coverage of the Mid-Michigan Honor Flight and its return on air and online.