Airline Announces Summer Service Between Pellston And Chicago

There’s a new summer air service connecting Northern Michigan to Chicago.

Starting June 25, North Country Sky will offer service four days a week.

The airline already offers service from Manistee.

Soon, those in Pellston can enjoy the service to Chicago’s Midway Airport.

“We knew for a long time there’s been a strong connection between Chicago and Northern Michigan, particularly to all of the communities around the Pellston Airport area.”

It’s that connection that made North Country Sky decide to start offering fights from Pellston to Chicago.

“We saw that we could provide that service very cost effectively and very efficiently by adding on to our existing routes.”

The airline already flies regularly from Manistee and had been looking to expand their service.

“This year was the right year to begin service as a part of our existing Chicago to Manistee program, adding Pellston just made sense.

Over the past few years the Pellston Airport has noticed an increased demand for air travel from Chicago to Northern Michigan. They’re hoping this new service will help bring those visitors to Northern Michigan and grow the local economy.

“It’s just huge. The state of Michigan has done a study on our airport that estimates on an annual basis the Pellston Airport generates just shy of $40 million dollars annually to the local community. When you add more service you are defiantly adding to that.”

If all goes well they hope to expand the service next Summer.

” It’s one of the comments I get when I’m out in the community when are we gonna get service to Chicago? So this is a great start. I think were going to be really successful with it.”