Geese to be Removed from Local Park

There’s a boom in geese in two local parks.

Now the foul will have to find a new home.

Hemlock Park and Northend Park in Big Rapids both have between 50 and 100 geese.

The city says that number is growing.

People have been complaining about the droppings left by all the birds. So a silenced goose handler will come to Big Rapids in the next few weeks to cage the geese and take them away.

“The geese will not be hurt,” Big Rapids Parks and Recreation Director Heather Bowman said. “She has cages and they’re to a certain size criteria based on the DNR’s wildlife biologist criteria that they create, so we’ll make sure they get out in a new home and lead happy healthy lives.”

The geese will be released somewhere in Northern Michigan designated by the DNR.