MSP Cracking Down On Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries In Otsego County

Some medical marijuana caregivers in Otsego County are very upset tonight.

Police searched eight medical marijuana dispensaries on Wednesday; all suspected of selling marijuana illegally.

Some of the dispensaries are in the city of Gaylord.

“Thought about possibly getting some medicine and you know and then I saw the police cars and I stopped. And I’m like what’s going on?”

Michigan State Police say 16 search warrants were served.

It’s already affected many who frequent these businesses.

Police say all of the dispensaries were violating the Michigan Medical Marijuana Statute.

They seized marijuana plants, processed products and other evidence from the homes and businesses.

Patti Purzycki is a caregiver, to her this is all very distressing.

“It makes me sick because they don’t know who they are hurting that’s not hurting them, they’re taking away from the people,” she said.

Police say no arrests have been made.

Their reports will now be sent to the Otsego County prosecutor who will decide on any criminal charges as a result.

It’s also not clear if any of these medical marijuana business will be allowed to operate again.