Former Traverse City Mayor Margaret Dodd Passes Away

Northern Michigan is remembering a former Traverse City mayor tonight.

Those close to her are talking about her legacy.

Margaret Dodd passed away at the age of 72.

She was the mayor of traverse city from 2001 to 2003.

Traverse City Commissioner, Jim Carruthers will always remember Margaret Dodd for her kindness and drive.

“Margaret took the hard issues and ran with it,” said Carruthers. 

He thinks of her as the first lady of Traverse City.

“She was first elected female mayor. She was the first to really push some of the environmental issues at the city level. She was the first to get human rights issued moved forward,” said Carruthers. 

Those close to her say she was passionate about environmental and human rights issues.

She joined the environmental community in opposing Traverse City Light and Power’s proposal to build a wood-burning biomass plant back in 2010.

And she helped get the “We Are Traverse City” campaign off the ground.

“That stirred us to work harder to support our human rights— which eventually lead to the non-discrimination ordinance that passed a few years ago,” said Carruthers. 

Carol Hale served on the city commission a few years before Margaret and lived by her for 10 years.

She says her accomplishments will never be forgotten.

“She worked very hard to have an elected mayor. When I was mayor it was an appointment made by the commission and it was just for one year. The mayor now serves for two years and is elected,” said Hale. 

Her Scottish heritage and her laughter will be greatly missed.

“She supported a lot of good issues in this town has faced in the past and it’s made Traverse City a better place,” said Carruthers.