WWII Veteran Receives Special Recognition in Barryton

After waiting seventy years…

This WWII veteran was finally honored properly.

89-year-old Eugene Paulino was awarded his Bronze Star Medal today at a special Memorial Day celebration in Barryton.

Paulino entered the Army and fought in WWII when he was only 17-years-old.

He valiantly fought in the Battle of the Bulge and rescued many imprisoned teen age French girls from the Germans.

He also suffered a traumatic brain injury during a mission and received a Purple Heart.

Monday, in front of Barryton American Legion Post he was pinned with his well deserved medal.

Leonard Hanline, another WWII Bronze Star Medal recipient, was also honored.

Both men were about to burst with happiness at today’s ceremony.

“Wonderful, I mean, Eugene and I both explained, we done what we were told to do and that’s all,”

“I saved those girls from being punished by those German men for years. I went over there as said I need a tank! to blow that fence down so I can get in and I went in and those girls came out and hugged me and squeezed me and knocked me down on my bum. Yes they were so happy to see me.”

Now, the pair plan on getting together to share their stories.