Slow Roads For Holiday Travelers

Stop and go traffic, a common sight across Northern Michigan today.

Highways, interstates, you name it, vacationers are heading home after the long weekend and our roads are pretty congested.

In continuing coverage of Memorial Day travel, we rode along with an Isabella County deputy as he patrolled a busy highway.

“You have to be on your guard, just be aware of your surroundings and be aware of what other people are doing”

This is what US-127 in Isabella County looked like today.

It was a slow, rainy and packed haul for many driving home.

Deputy Zack Ferrier wants to remind drivers to always be cautious and alert.

“Wear your seat belt, watch your speeds, don’t follow too closely. Don’t text and drive on the highway, really, just be safe.”

Those are the things he keeps a look-out for on busy weekends.

Deanna and Larry are making their way back down to metro-Detroit and they know arriving in one piece is what’s most important.

“We try to set the cruise control just at a nice decent speed so that way you’re not in too much of a hurry. Definitely not speeding, no way.” 

There are also extra officers patrolling, making sure everyone gets to their destination unharmed.

“The most important aspect this weekend is everyone getting home safe. That’s our job, to make sure everyone gets home safely.”

Deputy Ferrier expects this heavy traffic to continue until about 9:00 p.m..