Missing Charlevoix County Teen: FOUND

In this update a Charlevoix County teen missing since Monday morning is home safe tonight.

Police say Jesse Bacon ran his car off an embankment near Boyne City in Wilson Township around 4:00 a.m. Monday.

Tonight the 16-year-old Petoskey High School student is home safe.

Police are not releasing any further details at this time.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you coverage on the investigation.


Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Department is searching for a missing teen.

Jesse Bacon was last seen Monday night, after he rolled his car at Boyne City East Jordan Road and Marvon Road.

“If I was him I would be pretty scared, if I was in the woods 4:30 in the morning not knowing where I’m going,” said Matthew Testa, East Jordan Fire Department.

Jesse Bacon has been missing since Monday morning.

Police say he crashed his car here but when they got to the scene, the car was totaled and empty.

“Later on the following morning they found the passenger in the vehicle walking down the road, he had some minor injuries scrapes and bruises. We’ve had the helicopter from MSP, dogs looking, firemen out there scanning the woods along with our deputies,” said Sheriff Don Schneider. 

But so far, no one can find bacon.  
Police say he may be injured and afraid.

“At this point there’s no indication drinking was going on we just simply think he wrecked the car he’s scared and doesn’t know what to do.”

“I don’t know if he got picked up, hiding or what . Or if he’s out in the woods somewhere I’m not sure hopefully find him though. When you can’t find them and don’t know where they’re at he could be nervous especially when he’s a kid.

Jesse is about 5’8 and He was last seen wearing a black and white shirt.

If you have any information about where he may be call police.