California Couple Missing For Two Weeks Found in Wilderness

San Diego rescuers found 79 year old Cecil Knutson dead Sunday afternoon.

His wife, 68 year old Dianna Bedwell, was also found severely dehydrated after surviving on just rain water and food.

The couple was last seen more than two weeks ago leaving a casino.

They planned to go to their son’s home for Mother’s Day but never showed up.

Bedwell said they got stuck on a road while looking for a short cut.

Knutson’s body was found near the couple’s car.

Bedwell was inside the vehicle and taken to the hospital in serious condition.

“We believe they had some food stuffs with them oranges, I believe a pie they had recently purchased so they had that as well as rain water that they collected from passing storms,” said LT. Ken Nelson, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. 

Investigators don’t suspect foul play in the case.