Dogs Run Mother Bear, Three Cubs Up A Tree

A Wexford County family got a rude awakening this morning–by something that sat high above their heads.

That surprise–four bears in a tree.

It all played out around 5:30 this morning…

The DNR has had the road blocked off ever since, keeping people and the bears out of danger.

Reporter Charlie Tinker was on the scene and has more details…

“You can’t miss her–a big black blob.”

That big, black blob gave one woman and her family the shock of their lives this morning.

“She went to the tree to see what was going on,” related resident Andrea Hanlon. “She looked up and, big surprise, there was the mama bear.”

This 300 pound mother black bear and her three cubs stared down at Hanlon’s mother-in-law when she went to check on her dogs, barking at the base of this tree.

“She looked up and said oh, hey there baby, just really surprised and backed away,” said Hanlon.

They called the DNR–and the DNR called Conservation Officer Sam Kocsinski.

He’s been here since six this morning, watching and waiting for signs of movement.

Koscinski deals with bears often–he’s even been charged by one.

“They are a wild animal and they are unpredictable and from a distance they look nice, doesn’t mean when you’re up close with them, they’re going to be that nice either,” said Koscinski.

He says it’s the barking dogs that drove her up there in the first place–out of concern for her cubs.

“It’s parent’s instinct,” started Koscinski. “A mother is a mother and with her babies she’s obviously going to be protective. You wouldn’t put your children in danger if you could prevent it and right now, she’s preventing it by keeping them in the tree.”

Now, everyone’s just thankful, those instincts didn’t carry her into harm’s way.

“Really surprised the mom didn’t go after the dogs or even my mother and law, with her being right there,” said Hanlon.

It’s been a lesson for Hanlon, who say she and her mother and law will now forever be looking up. As for mama bear, the DNR tells us if she doesn’t come down of her own accord overnight, they may have to tranquilize her for her own safety.