Dog Trainers Offer Tips to Spot Aggression in Pets

 Recent dog attacks in Michigan have left children with severe injuries.  
But there are ways to try and keep your family safe.

This month alone two dog vicious dog attacks have sent two children to the emergency room for their injuries.     

Earlier this month four Rottweilers attacked a boy in Gratiot County.

Thursday’s Emmet County attack sent a 20-month-old girl to a downstate hospital after she was attacked by a dog in her home.

The sheriff told us the dog bit the toddler’s face.

She is now in serious condition.

When a parent tried to get the dog off, the dog bit her too.  

“When I read things like this they are very tragic and I feel so sorry for the child because they’re very innocent,” said Jennifer Trudell, Certified Dog Trainer at Paws and Claws in Harbor Springs.

A devastating dog attack Thursday left a toddler in Alanson in serious condition.

Tonight, dog trainers say the accident could bring out some important issues, like knowing how to spot aggression.  

And how to properly train your pet.

“If you’re going to have a dog then you need to learn their language just how you expect them to learn sit, stay and all those things. You can definitely avoid those issues you just have to have that .. A dog just doesn’t walk in and say got it I understand how you live here.”

Trainer Jennifer Trudell says you should never leave young kids unsupervised with a dog no matter the breed.

“Even if you think your dog is just fine.. fine is a red flag.”

And sometimes aggression can come out of a health issue.

“People shouldn’t think it’s irrelevant to them because of what breed it is or well ours doesn’t do that, such a family dog…. don’t say that because there could be pain, arthritis, hormone changes, just having a bad day, tired.”

And if your dog is starting to show any signs of aggression, Trudell says you should take them to see a trainer or a vet.