TC Commissioners: Closed-Door Land Deal Meetings Not Ideal but Necessary

A series of closed-door meetings has some in Traverse City asking questions.

Twice now, Traverse City commissioners have met behind closed doors to discuss purchasing a piece of property.

The property purchase is just one part of a larger plan to improve a corridor of Eighth Street between Boardman and Wellington.

The million dollar land deal aims to kickstart a plan that includes new residential and commercial space and possibly a new road near the Boardman River.

Commissioners say the private meetings are not ideal but necessary when dealing with a private land-owner.

“The way to look at this is you actually have government being proactive in terms of trying to implement what the community has spoken about in terms of the corridor studies and master plan and making Eighth Street more valuable to everybody,” said Commissioner Gary Howe.

The deal would be funded with a mix of public, private, and state dollars.

Commissioners will meet this Friday to discuss the grant… and the purchase will likely then be put to a vote.