DNR Remove Bear From Charlevoix Tree

A hungry bear decided the city was a good place to find food, and police were left to deal with the unwelcome stranger.     

Police got a call that a bear was out walking around  and digging through trash.

It all happened in the city of Charlevoix early this morning.  

Officers say the bear was spotted crossing the road right here – by The Dairy Grill.

The hungry bear was trying to find food.

When an officer came out he ran up a tree.

Police had to call the DNR to tranquilize the bear and move him somewhere else.

In my career this is the third bear we’ve had in town the last one was 9 years ago,  he was looking for a new food source,” said Police Chief Gerard Doan.

The DNR moved the bear about 50 miles away from town …so he doesn’t try to come back