Charlevoix Community Bands Together To Support Corporal Fred Hasty, Officer Shot Saturday

 A community is concerned today after a shooting took down a Corporal.  
The Sheriff says it will be a long recovery.  

It all happened Saturday night when police were chasing a man in a stolen car.

The man got out of the car in Boyne Valley Township, and shot at a deputies.  

After the man shot at Corporal Fred Hasty, officers fired back.

Now, both Hasty and the suspect are in the hospital expected to survive

It’s was a long weekend for police, and they say they are just so grateful that hasty will pull through.

“It’s any sheriff or chiefs worst nightmare to receive a call an officer is shot..Freddy’s an excellent guy excellent officer and just a friend to everyone,” said Charlevoix County Sheriff Don Schneider. 

There’s an out pouring of love and support for Corporal Freddy Hasty.

He will be ok, but his recovery will take some time.  

Hasty was standing behind a tree when he was shot in the upper leg, causing damage.

The sheriff says it was a close call.  

“It looked like the bullet passed within a half inch of his femoral artery, had that artery… God only knows if he would have survived at that point. Things going through your mind when you’re looking at a gun a foot or two from your face… thinking oh my God, what’s my family gonna do and I’m sure the same things went through Freddy’s mind as well as the officers on the scene. Am I gonna be able to go home to my family tonight?”

And with some R&R, Freddy will be okay.

Right now, he just wants to get back to work to be alongside his brothers on the force.  

They are making sure he feels the support while on the sidelines.  

“We are a big family when it comes to law enforcement, we feel for each other and their families when something like this happens,” said Gerard Doan, Charlevoix City Police Chief. 

“It doesn’t make a difference what color uniform you wear whether it’s brown, blue, gray… it’s a band of brothers and sisters that support each other. When you hear about an officer in a situation, the only thing we can do is pray for a quick recovery and get back to work again,” said Schneider.