UPDATE: Charlevoix Deputy Injured, Witnesses Heard Several Shots

A Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Deputy is being treated for injuries after a shooting near Boyne City Saturday.

The Sheriff’s office tells 9&10 deputies were investigating a stolen pick-up truck around 6 p.m. Saturday when the suspect was spotted nearby in a different car. After a short chase, the suspect stopped on a two-track on Addis Rd. near Dam Rd.

At first he refused to get out of the vehicle, but when he got out he pulled a pistol and opened fire on officers. He hit Cpl. Fred Hasty, an evidence technician, in the leg. Deputies returned fire and injured the suspect. Witnesses in the area say more than a dozen shots were heard.

While the wound is non-life threatening, Cpl. Hasty had to undergo surgery to repair the damage. His recovery will take several months. The suspect received three bullet wounds. He is in police custody being treated for those injuries.


“It was shocking and scary just that there was a gun fight at the end of our road,” said Marilyn Cleary, who lives nearby.

The people who live on these quiet, Charlevoix County back roads are unsettled, but they’re glad police were able to contain it.

“Well even the scenario, here this guy was, he tried to go up this hill in the car and didn’t make it but he could have just as easily ran down the road,” related Marilyn’s husband, John Cleary. “I’m the first house on the left he could have come down the road and came into the house.”

A witness says he saw a vehicle barreling down Addis Road, followed by a police car around six last night.

He then came here to see what was going on, and saw shots fired.

For police, this shooting has hit close to their hearts.

“For every officer it’s a reminder that these types of situations, horrific situations where you are being shot at,” said Belcher. “There is a chance that you may not come out of the situation alive.”

Corporal Fred Hasty has been with the sheriff’s department for ten years…

Last night he was shot in the upper leg, shattering the bones connecting the leg to his hip socket, requiring surgery.  

Although his life isn’t threatened, it will take several months for him to recover.

“If there’s any silver lining in it, it was an isolated circumstance and fortunately no one died as a result of it,” said Belcher. “I can certainly understand and empathize with the citizens concerns in the area”

“This attitude that I live in Northern Michigan and I don’t have to lock my doors, maybe that’s not a good idea,” said Cleary. “I think people ought to reevaluate their thinking.”

Deputies recovered the pistol, along with two more long guns from the suspect’s car, all believed to be stolen.

Michigan State Police have taken over the investigation.