Father Fred Garage Sale Raises Thousands for People in Need

Today the Father Fred Foundation held its annual spring garage sale.

People across Northern Michigan came by to seek out bargains.

And the money raised doesn’t just have short-term benefits… it will help many others down the road.

“The very first sale was actually in a small garage, and they had just very few items. They made about 300 dollars,” said Father Fred volunteer Douglas Sieffert.

But now, this garage sale is so big that it can’t be contained in an actual garage. And with that size, many volunteers are needed. Around 75 helped run the sale — and it takes even more people than that to get the items to sell.

“People come here and bring donations Tuesday through Friday every week throughout the year.”

And all the money they make will pour back into the Northern Michigan community.

Father Fred serves five counties -– Grand Traverse, Benzie, Leelanau, Kalkaska and Antrim.

“We help them with food items we help people with different utility bills and different needs. Everything from Christmas items we have pictures we have sporting goods hardware we have a great big huge furniture department.”

One first-timer plans to return again next year.

“We got a lot of antiques. My mom loves antiquing so we got a lamp and some linen things,” said Interlochen resident Shelby Clark.

And it was perfect timing for one expecting mother.

“We came out because we’re looking for deals for we’re having a baby next month so we wanted to find some stuff that we were in need,” said Nichole Demma.

She was able to find some baby items she’s been looking for.

“Every year actually we stop by. I didn’t even realize it was today, so I was excited when I saw the signs.”