Two Armed Robbers Still At Large After Threatening Man, Shooting Dog

“I couldn’t imagine pulling in my driveway and having someone put a gun in my face.”

That’s what happened to the renter of this home during a terrifying armed robbery.

Now two suspects are still on the loose, one of them with a gun.

A manhunt is underway for two men who robbed a house, aimed a gun at the home’s renter and shot a dog.

It’s a story we have been watching closely since it happened yesterday morning.

The armed robbery at a Scottville home led several police agencies on a 10-hour search in Mason County.

Helicopters combed the skies and police dogs searched the ground after the two suspects dashed into nearby woods.

Tonight, both men are still at large.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jacob Johnson talked with the sheriff and visited the home where it all happened.


When the 9-1-1 call came in, deputies made it to the scene in less than two minutes.

What they found was a home ripped apart by two burglars and a scary situation.

“I don’t know what I would do so I can only imagine the fear the victims were experiencing,” says Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole.

Thursday, helicopters and police dogs scoured the area around this Scottville home.

Today, all is quiet but fear still lingers in the community.

Thankfully, help was nearby when it all started to happen.

“The 911 Center received an emergency call of a burglary in progress,” Sheriff Cole says. “As fate would have it, we had two deputies around the corner on a traffic stop when the call came in, so we had patrol units that responded to the scene within a minute-and-a-half.”

One of the people renting the home pulled into their driveway.

He saw two men, then activated his garage door opener.

One man then pointed a gun at him through his car window.

“The homeowner threw the vehicle in reverse, struck a vehicle in his driveway and his thought was to get back to where the deputies were because he knew that was a safe place to go,” Sheriff Cole says.

State Police and Sheriff’s deputies found several things missing from the home.

They also found a dog shot through the shoulder.

Amazingly, Blue the pitbull survived.

“The dog was actually shot behind the right shoulder and came out the bottom of his belly, but the round had basically traveled at a downward angle, just along the ribcage so it didn’t break any bones, it didn’t penetrate any vital organs,” Sheriff Cole says.

Blue’s owner did not want to talk on camera but she says in all of their six years in their quiet neighborhood this has never happened.

The police are working hard to catch the men responsible.

“We do have some leads,” Sheriff Cole says. “Our detectives worked throughout the night on the case and they are working again today to get some resolution to this matter.”

The sheriff says they are looking for two black men in their early 20’s.

One wore a bandana and the other was wearing a dark-colored hoodie and a ball cap.

Anyone with any leads are asked to contact police immediately.