Pell Endowment Funds To Be Used For Projects At Munson Healthcare

One-point-one million dollars has been allocated for projects at Munson Healthcare. 

This money comes from the hospital’s multi-million dollar endowment fund, which is mostly funded with donations from long-time Cadillac entrepreneurs Harvey and Helen Pell.

When Trinity Health sold the hospital to Munson, there was some controversy over who would maintain the funds.

Now with Trinity still in control, the hospital says the money is still used for the donors intent.

They will purchase new mammography and x-ray equipment, and also renovate their Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department.

“When he was living in our community he would take tours of our imaging center and he would get very excited about these projects, so absolutely the mammography and the imaging and the cardiac rehab is an honor to be able to do that with this money.”

The hospital president says the new equipment will be installed in July.