Les Cheneaux Culinary Student Prepare to Open Restaurant

 A Busy week for students at Les Cheneaux Culinary School as they prepare to open a new restaurant.

The school just opened its doors in September.

Now culinary school is taking students to the next level, and having them run a restaurant; The Hessel Bay Inn.

“When you go back you’ll see people with the twinkle of hospitality who want to be here and be part of our industry. Everyone back there is here to learn versus some restaurants where people are focused on the paycheck,” said Karyn Bledsoe Kiio, Professional Guest Service Instructor.

Les Cheneaux Culinary School has plenty of cooks in the kitchen…

All ready to serve the community of Hessel

“We’re more hands on like a trade school so were trying to do the last part of the term they’ll be operating a restaurant which is the most important thing, today and tomorrow its just full on getting menu items ready,” said Ryan Junglas, Chef Instructor. 

Students are busy whipping up things like maple creme brulee and pretzel buns.

They say everything they do, is about keeping it local

“We have local farms were sourcing for products that’s where our niche is. We’re going for the simple method and I think we will stand out because it’s fresh we’re baking our own bread, rolls ,cleaning our fish fresh every day.”

Students are just excited to share all they’ve learned with the community.

“The atmosphere here is crazy just busy prepping right now getting ready for a big crowd were expecting a lot of people to join us and see what we’ve learned,” said Morgan Mcleod, Student.