A Donation To Save Lives At TC West Senior High School

A donation today could one day save lives at Traverse City West Senior High School.

The “Live Like Max Foundation” gave two automated external defibrillators or AED’s to the high school.

The foundation was started by a couple who lost their healthy 20 year-old son, Max unexpectedly last year.

He died from a heart condition most commonly known as athlete’s heart.

Today, the family shared their story and students were taught how to use the AED’s.

The foundation also tries to get more students heart tests to catch potentially deadly conditions.

“It gives me a reason to live. It gives me a reason to get up everyday because I couldn’t save my son but i’m going to save yours. I didn’t know any better and that’s why for our foundation the awareness is the key.”

So far, 700 students across Michigan have participated in the free heart screenings.

Of those, nine were told they could not play sports.