First Annual Run for Special Kalkaska Mother

It was the first annual mother’s day run for one of Kalkaska County’s mothers of the year.

Tiffany Ferguson and her father were killed last year by her estranged husband, Keith Ferguson.

She was very active in life — so some community members thought an annual run in her honor would be appropriate.

They picked the Saturday before Mother’s Day because Tiffany had won Kalkaska’s ‘Mother of the Year’ award in the past.

More than 700 runners participated.

Even a group of her high school classmates participated.

Andrea Cazel-Berger, Tiffany’s high school classmate, said, “There’s about 40 of us, and we just ordered our own shirts. And we’re here to support Shirley and the kids for them to build their house.”

All proceeds will benefit Tiffany’s kids. They stay with Shirley, their grandmother.