Scouts descend upon T.C. again for Exposure Camp

TRAVERSE CITY – It appears to be a win-win each year.  Northern Michigan high school football athletes get to perform drills that show off their skills and athleticism in front of college scouts at Thirlby Field in Traverse City.  While the scouts get a one-stop shop of Northern Michigan’s high school football talent.

The fourth annual Lake Michigan Football Report Exposure Camp saw an estimated 75 athletes from more than 30 schools.  It also saw college football representatives like Rob Boss.  Boss is an assistant coach on the Northern Michigan University football staff and is also a Charlevoix native.

“I think it’s great for them to be able to come here and kind of show what they can do in front of the coaches and be able to kind of get their names out there,” Boss said.  “You can see the guys who really want it, you can see the guys who it means a lot to, and it has to mean a lot.  Football is a hard game so you have to really be ready to come here and work.  When you have an opportunity to come down here and see them in person, that’s a great part of our evaluation.”

Camp founder Ira Childress counted 49 recent alumni on college football rosters.  Any schools who were unable to attend the event at Thirlby Field will have access to the results of the drills.