Non-Profit Hopes To Save Historic Bakery Through Crowd Funding

The owners of a historic Northern Michigan bakery say they’re planning to close up shop at the end of the summer.

But some community members are trying to stop that from happening.

A non-profit is hoping to get help from the community to keep the 60-year-old business open.

The Elk Rapids Sweet Shop in Antrim County sells fresh donuts, cookies and pies.

Last fall the owners said they will be retiring and closing their business.

“I would cry if they sold it.”

Sadness was the overwhelming emotion for Pauline Truesdell when she heard the 60-year-old Elk Rapids Sweet Shop would be closing its doors.

“It means a lot to everyone that I know in Elk Rapids — everyone loves this bakery,” said Truesdell. 

Village leaders say the whole community would feel the impact of the loss.

“It provides employment and tourism dollars– either from local tourists who come from a different town or tourists from out of the area,” said Andy LaPointe, Elk Rapids Downtown Development Authority Chairman. 

But Craig Mosher wants to give the bakery a new life and purpose.

He is the president of Right Tree.

The non-profit provides a support system for girls as they go through the struggles of growing up.

He hopes to raise about four hundred thousand dollars to buy the bakery.

“We would continue to run it as a bakery, but the profits will go back into Right Tree,” said Mosher. “We have talked about expanding into the high school and doing some year round programs.”

Mosher hopes to expand the business and get the community involved.

“We’ll hire staff just like they do, but we won’t have a profit motivate anymore,” said Mosher. “As we grow, we will increase hours or increase some of the product.”

He says it’s a win-win for everyone.

“You’re supporting a charity when you contribute — guilt free,” said Mosher. “You’ll feel great– have two.”

If you would like to donate to save the bakery, click here.