Cherry Crop Is In Full Bloom

The cherry crop in Northern Michigan continues to look more promising as Summer gets closer.

Sweet Cherry Blooms at Sayler Orchards started opening yesterday.

Trees should be pretty close to full bloom by the end of the day.

Right now, the orchard is seeing very little damage.

Warm days like today are good for pollination because the bees are more active and won’t stay in the hive.

The tart cherry trees should start blooming next week.

Richard Sayler says he’s hoping for more warm weather to make sure those trees get pollinated as well.

“Tarts are typically 5-7 days blooming after you see the sweets bloom. And the long range forecast next week isn’t looking good for pollinating. You need sunny days in the sixties at least.”

He’s very optimistic about this years crop and thinks we’ll have cherries in time for the National Cherry Festival that starts July fourth.