Michigan Voters Resoundingly Reject Proposal One

It appears Proposal One failed in spectacular fashion. 

It wasn’t the way voters wanted to pay for road repairs. 

Now, agencies like local road commissions and M-DOT are looking at where to go from here. 

“Throughout the campaign, we heard that most people agreed that more funding needs to go to our roads, but it seems that agreement wasn’t on how to pay for it,” said M-DOT Communications Representative, James Lake. 

Michigan’s roads are in bad shape. 

Tuesday, the people of Michigan rejected the only plan out there to fix them. 

“Governor Snyder has said all along that there is no Plan B, there seems to be a universal acknowledgement that more investment needs to be made in the roads and bridges in Michigan so I would anticipate the legislature will get to work on that and we’ll continue to work with state legislatures to help identify a viable funding solution.”

For road commission managers, like Alan Cooper in Wexford County, the failure is one that hurts. 

“This is a good start. It’s the best that we’ve seen in 10 years and to expect them to not pass this in their legislature, to come out and to have something that will be long lasting in time to help us with our roads… that doesn’t look very good, in my opinion.”

Governor Snyder said Tuesday, infrastructure is a top priority and he knows people want to fix roads, despite Proposal One’s defeat. He supports finding another long term solution. 

Meanwhile, those who maintain roads will have to work with the resources they have. 

“Business as usual. Right now, we are in band aid mode. The roads that we can fix, where we get funding from the federal government for our primary roads, we’ll still do those, but our local road system in Michigan is what’s really hurting and I don’t see where we can make any progress at all on our local roads without additional funding,” said Alan Cooper.