Update: Munson Medical Center Heroin Suspects Stand Trial

Two people charged with attempted murder will go to trial and they now, face even more charges.

In March a patient at Munson Medical Center went into cardiac arrest; overdosing on fentanyl.

Renee Huckle-John and Steven Sulz had just visited the woman who was already in the hospital.

Along with being charged with attempted murder, the two are charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Thomas Philips, Grand Traverse County District Judge believes they had the narcotics on them.

“The defendant had fentanyl on him.”

The victim who prosecutors say was given an overdose of fentanyl by Renee Huckle-John and Steven Sulz at Munson Medical Center testified in court this afternoon.

The prosecutor has requested the victim not be shown on camera.

She remembers very little from the day the two visited her.

“I woke up with people around me. Do you know what those people were doing? they were saving me.”

She says before being woken up by doctors, she used the bathroom while Sulz was in the shower.

The judge says something just doesn’t add up.

“The two of them were there together and his description to what he was doing at the time is very strange, hiding in the shower doing something.”

Today the judge added a possession of fentanyl charge against Huckle-John and Sulz because Huckle-John threw a syringe containing fentanyl down the stairwell and was found on Sulz when he was arrested.

“There was a motive factor here.”

“It’s clear from the medical testimony, if there wasn’t an intervention she would have died from the overdose of fentayl.”

And because cocaine was found in the car they used to go to the hospital, today the judge also charged Huckle-John with delivering cocaine.