Child Attacked by Four Dogs, Rescued, Now Recovering

“If they hadn’t have been there … I would have one less son,” said Ethan’s mother Doris Gifford. “They were out to kill him, no question.”

Thanks to some big heroes — this little boy is able to be home with his family tonight.

But last night things did not look good for eight-year-old Ethan Nokes.

He was viciously mauled by four rottweilers and suffered some serious injuries.

Ethan was air-lifted to a Grand Rapids hospital and is at home recovering tonight.

His entire family is traumatized.

The dog attack happened just after five last night behind a relative’s home in Gratiot County.

It happened in an instant.

Ethan and his brother Jordan were going outside when their great-grandmother’s dogs attacked.

Luckily — a nearby construction crew heard the aggressive growls and screams — and they rushed to save him.

“I could see the dogs and I could see a boy with all his clothes off and he was half red with blood and I knew he was in trouble,” said Ken Hansen.

Then without thinking twice, Hansen bolted across the yard, catapulted over this fence and dashed to fight off the dogs.

“I got to him. The dog let go. I was hollering. Jordan, his little brother was at the top of the steps screaming at the dogs trying to get them to stop and I grabbed him around the stomach,” Ken said. “I tried to keep my body between the dogs and him … and they were yanking on him trying to get him away from me.”

Ethan’s suffered 22 bite wounds, countless bruises and scratches and his parents believe he has a broken leg.

“When we first got in he kept saying, ‘Just shoot me, it hurts I just want it to be over.’ I think he was so scared that he thought he was going to die and he just wanted it to be done and over with,” said his mother Doris Gifford

His mother says ethan has a long road ahead, but will make a full recovery.

Big support from friends and family is helping a lot.

The family says it’s a miracle he was rescued.

“I think that God put him there for a reason I have absolute faith in that,” Doris said. “I don’t know. I don’t have any other explanation other than it’s God’s timing and that’s how things work.”

“God had a plan for me. The dogs could have ate me, I didn’t care. I couldn’t watch — the kid needed help,” Ken said.

The dogs have been seized by Gratiot County Animal Control who is requesting they be euthanized.