TC Watches Demolition of Kids Kove In Sadness

Sadness as Traverse City watches the demolition of a nearly 20 year old, community-built playground.

Holding one of the wooden pickets that lined the outside of Kids Kove, each wood picket has the name of person or family who donated to the project nearly 20 years ago.

These are being saved.

Today, people who built it and played on it were sad to know the structure is going away forever.

Barbie Morgan and Jeffrey Nelson were just a few of the people who walked by Kids Kove today.

She say it’s hard to see all the memories torn down.

“It’s a very emotional and sad thing to know that no body will ever be able to enjoy it and i won’t be able to bring my daughter here this summer to play on it.”

“This was one place for locals to go to just have a good time and not worry about what was going on around them.”

Lynne Sutherland brought the community project to Traverse City 20 years ago.

She also visited the playground this afternoon.

“I’m going to miss the most just being around it. Every time that I have come when it had been open, there are parents playing with the kids, they are running through the mazes, they’re racing up and down the slides.”

Tyler Cook works at Noah’s Ark Daycare across the street from Kids Kove. 

The kids at the daycare used to play there everyday before it closed.

“There’s a little bit of a grieving process that happens. We have our own little playground, but it’s not compared to that was.”

He remembers playing on the structure when he was a kid.

“I would just really like for the kids we have here now to be able to play on it someday and be able to use something that was so fun for me back.”

Right now, there are no plans to build another playground.

The tear down is expected to be done by the end of the week.