UPDATE: Ogemaw Fire Started by Brush Burn

The DNR tells Northern Michigan’s News Leader a small brush fire in someone’s yard grew out of control and tore through more than 340 acres in Ogemaw County yesterday.

The fire has now all been controlled, but not before people were evacuated and more than 60 crew members worked to contain it.

Today they were out double checking everything to make sure the area is safe.

“We call this mop up. This is where they’re just going through the area continually looking for spot fires, areas that are still hot that are within the contained area. The whole goal is to put the whole fire completely out,” says Richard Myrick.

More than 20 homes had to be evacuated while the fire continued to stretch across open land near a subdivision.

“It’s very important folks just hold back on their burning wait until we get a green up wait until we have more burning conditions at this point today is not the day to burn,” says Myrick.

Amazingly only one home was destroyed in the fire, but the evacuation made residents very uneasy.

“The neighbor came over and said ‘be prepared to evacuate because there’s a 300 acre forest fire’,” says Griz Prusik. He lives in the subdivision just west of where the fire broke out.

Luckily he didn’t have to leave his home, but empathizes with everyone who was evacuated and those who lost property.

“That’s really sad, but everything is so isolated and hard to get to and everything is so dry, it wouldn’t take very long for a fire to start and destroy quite a bit of stuff before they could get to it,” says Prusik.