Jake Fisher Draft Preview With Brock Gutierrez

First round of the NFL Draft is tonight. TC West grad Jake Fisher is definitely going to hear his name called sometime this weekend. He is going to make the transition from college to the NFL. 

Somebody who knows how to play offensive line in the NFL. He did it for 10 seasons, also blocked for Corey Dillon on his record setting game, most rushing yards in a single game. Brock Gutierrez joins Jeff Johnson at the touchscreen for a preview of tonight’s Draft.

“Hey it’s good to be back, I love it, it’s not during the fall so we can always get excited about the draft, bring back a little football, get everybody fresh,” said Gutierrez. 

“Football in April, we love it,” said Johnson. “Jake Fisher he’s a TC West grad, some of the positives and the negatives here, especially in the measurables.”

Gutierrez breaks it down, “Well certainly, breaking down Jake Fisher, it’s such a fine line between the first offensive lineman taken and the tenth. You know in the span of the first couple of rounds. What’s going to hold him back from being drafted in the top part of the first round is…a couple of knocks on him is coming from that Oregon offense and his athleticism kind of labels him a little bit of a finesse player. That will remain to be seen in the NFL, he can put some weight on and starts mauling and gets a good offensive line coach that can easily change. Right now, that’s going to hurt him a little bit and a few technique things, very minor but right now he’s holding his hands a little bit low and he tends to get beat a little bit to the inside with the inside move. All very fixable, especially getting beat in the bull rush which he can every once in a while is right here, the weight, 306 pounds. A little light to be playing tackle in the National Football League but he’s a lean-bodied kid. Long muscled kid, at 6’6″ he is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 330 to 340 before it’s all set and done. So probably start him out on the right side and move him over to the left side, I would imagine.”

“And his athleticism obviously helping him out in pass protection on certain plays like this,” added Johnson. 

“And that’s why we talk about him being drafted in the first round is his athletic ability,” said Gutierrez. “You see the way he moves his feet there, once he’s got his hands on you, he’s got you locked down and you can see that pass set right there, moves his feet very well. That’s why he had such success at Oregon and I’m sure the coaches are drooling at the chance to get to coach him up in the NFL.”

“Then he is also able to use his athleticism on run plays to get into the next level,” said Johnson. 

Gutierrez explains, “One of the hardest things for an offensive lineman, and you’ll see him do it with ease here is, when you get out in space and you’re leading the play, those little guys, those guys in the corner or safeties that come down to run support, they’re shifty, and they do a good job of not trying to run into you so a lot of times you may get faked out and they get around you and make a play, Jake does a real nice job out here in space, you’ll see him try to secure, help his tight end here and secure that defender doesn’t get his outside, then come off and lead this play, he’s going to be out in space, not real hard to knock a small guy down but it’s hard to make contact with him and Jake does a real nice job here springing that block here for an easy touchdown for Oregon.”

“It always looks good when you can maul somebody too,” said Johnson. 

“It always looks good when you can maul somebody and if he can learn how to do that on a consistent basis, he’s going to have a long and successful career in the National Football League,” Gutierrez agreed.

Jake’s definitely going to hear his name called sometime this weekend, we’ll let you know if it’s tonight in the first round, tonight on Sports Extra.