Inside The Kitchen: The Stone Oven in Lake Ann

This week we’re in the quaint little town of Lake Ann where one small restaurant is serving up big time flavor. It’s The Stone Oven and were going Inside The Kitchen.

For three years owners Brian Adams and Samantha Lathwell have made a name of a simple production.

“All we have to work with is our pizza oven as far as cooking equipment, everything goes in the oven.” Brian explains. 

And they’re stuffing their oven with hand-tossed pizzas, stacked-up sammys, perfect pastas, all held together with culinary glue. Cheese.

The couple met in the throws of the industry, while Brian worked the line and Sam tended bar, a pattern they still stick to today.

“I try to keep myself front of the house.” Sam laughs. “I’m a little more the social person and he’s the brains in the back. So we kinda keep it that way.”

Since then they’ve opened The Stone Oven, feeding the entire town skillet fulls of mac and cheese. Brian grabs a pan and starts to throw down.

“It’s a cavatappi pasta, got bacon, chicken, cheddar and gouda cheese.”

Chicken and bacon get a head start and then heavy whipping cream joins the party. But it doesn’t hit mac n cheese status until we add gouda cheese.

And when it’s time for pasta, they kick it up with hearty cavatappi noodles—a curly shape that catches every texture-rich surprise in the sauce.

It’s served hot in a skillet, covered in panko bread crumbs with two slices of country Italian toast.

“So when you go in do you like to get a bite of everything? I like to hear the strategy.” I ask Brian. 

“I like to eat it on the toast. That’s my strategy.”

Noodles on bread? Don’t have to tell me twice. And for an even bigger stacked up bite, get a mouthful of the Thai reuben sandwich. It starts with sunflower rye, buttered up and piled in corn beef.

“This is our Thai slaw, spicy Thai slaw. it’s basically just a cabbage, rice wine vinegar and sriracha.”

Swiss cheese tucks it all in before entering the oven, and then it’s served with a Thai chili aioli. You’ll also get an overflowing side dish of Greek pasta salad with salami, olives, peppers and feta.

A small but mighty fortress, The Stone Oven currently sits 24 but expansion’s on its way. Until then, Sam assures us there’s almost always a buddy to share a table.

“What’s really great is when we’re super full in the summer people are more than willing to sit together. You’ll have two tops that will be willing to combine tables, offer up another table, and it’s just pretty cool. It’s pretty cool to watch for sure.”