UPDATE: Two Killed in Osceola Crash

In continuing coverage on yesterday’s crash in Osceola county.

Deputies have not yet released the names of the two people killed.

The head on crash happened around 8:00 a.m. Monday morning on M-115 near 22 mile road in Highland Township.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Department says the driver of a car crossed the center line and crashed head-on into a Bay City man driving a pick up truck.

Both drivers died in the crash.

The pick up also hit a third car.

That driver was treated for minor injuries.


A morning crash killed two people, and police say they’re still trying to figure out what happened.

The head-on crash happened around eight this morning in Osceola County.

Police have not been able to identify one of the drivers who died in the accident. The other is a man from Bay City.

The deadly crash happened near the intersection of M115 and 22 Mile Road in Highland Township.

“When you have a crash of that nature, especially with two vehicles going head on, the outcome is never very good,” says Undersheriff Justin Halladay, of the Osceola County Sheriff Department.

The sheriff department says a black Nissan crossed the center line on M115 and crashed head-on into a red pick up. The Bay City man was driving the truck.

Officers haven’t identified the driver of the Nissan, but we do know it had a Tennessee license plate.

“The owner of the vehicle is not an out of state person so we really have to be careful though to make sure, like I said, identify who the driver was of that vehicle,” says Undersheriff Halladay.

Michigan State Police says M115 is one of the most traveled roads in Northern Michigan. It’s also prone to the most accidents.

“M115 historically is one of our higher traveled areas in Northern Michigan, and we do have a high propensity of crashes on that road during high peak travel times. Therefore you’ll see additional patrols during high travel times, such as Memorial Day. And a lot of our grant dollars are targeted towards M115,” says Sergeant Scott Bates. He works out of the MSP Cadillac post.

The Osceola Sheriff Department says the next step is to piece together evidence from the scene to better understand what might have happened.

“We tally all that together and we combine that to try to get an accurate picture of what occurred out there. You know, that minute of a second that caused that accident to happen,” says Undersheriff Halladay.