Fire Danger Remains High Across Northern Michigan

The fire danger is high in nearly every spot in Northern Michigan tonight.

The Department of Natural Resources says there were 84 wildfires in Michigan last week — burning more than 148 acres.

To prevent a wildfire, the DNR recommends people be aware of the fire danger level in their area.

If burning is allowed, clear the area where you plan on burning and have water ready.

The Traverse City Fire Chief says if you are burning, you need to be at least 30 feet away from a building.

He says wildfires spread quickly and can be very hard to get under control.

“These fires with the right conditions can progress very rapidly. They can spread up to 200 feet a minute with the right wind conditions and the right field conditions,” said Jim Tuller, Traverse City Fire Chief. 

Michigan’s wildfire season typically runs April through June.

Every day the DNR posts the fire danger in areas across the state.

To find out the danger in your area, click here.