Thousands Recycle at Clean Up, Green Up

Today, Traverse City was the place to be to do some good spring cleaning.

The Michigan Green Consortium holds a massive recycling event twice a year to help people purge some of those unwanted items.

They see nearly 1,000 cars come through their event.

“The idea is to keep items that can be hazardous to our environment out of the landfill,” says Bill Policastro, he’s on the consortium’s board of directors. “Some folks know that they have hard to recycle or hard to dispose of items and this gives them the opportunity to do the right thing.”

Today’s event offered more than 15 stations for people to bring in unwanted items. Something as simple as old magazines, or as big as a tv.

 “This particular year we moved it later in the season so we could have better weather and give folks an opportunity to clean out their garage and their backyards,” says Policastro.

People could recycle batteries, refrigerators — pretty much everything they could fit into their cars.

And some businesses benefit too. Scrap TC accepts unique materials people no longer want, and they look forward to events like this.

“It helps to essentially get at some of the creative items that might be hiding out in people’s garages or basements or craft rooms and kind of help give them an opportunity to purge and know that it’s going to go to a place that it’s going to be appreciated and creatively used in the community,” says Kristin Laing. She works as a Scrap volunteer.

Regardless of what people were dropping off, they couldn’t help but appreciate getting it done in one fell swoop.

“This is great. We packed everything up into the car as tightly and neatly as we could and then we were able to go station to station to station and drop everything off. It was really quick and convenient,” says Nicole Vanness. It was her first time coming to the recycling extravaganza, and she says she looks forward to taking advantage of it again in the fall.