Popular Non-Profit Card Company Reopens, Rehires Adults with Disabilities

A very special Northern Michigan greeting card maker — back by popular demand.

Paperworks Studio employed disabled adults in Traverse City until they closed more than a year ago.

Back in November, Paperworks partially reopened with a new retail location.

Tonight, the company’s fully operational again.

Reporter Charlie Tinker was at an event at Right Brain Brewery tonight celebrating the reopening.

As a paper artist, Dan Zamierowski produced hand-made masterpieces–until his beloved company, Paperworks Studios, was forced to shut its doors more than a year ago.

“It was such a tragedy when we closed,” said Zamierowski. “We were really on the cusp of going places–it’s sort of like the rug was pulled out from under you.”

The non-profit greeting card company gave Dan and other adults with disabilities meaningful work that they loved…

And now, they can love it again–thanks to its new parent company and an outpouring of community support–Paperworks and its 13 employees are back in action.

“When I got the phone call that Paperworks was starting back up and we had a startup day, I was on cloud-it was like graduation day,” related Paper Artist Marley Demers. “It brings joy to my life. I love what I do.”

“Paperworks Studio is a home to so many people who haven’t found a niche in other employment options,” explained Director Mimi Spaulding. “It’s a career for them, a career they love that they are so good at.”

Today, we made paper the Paperworks way: First, you take pulp like this-dump it into a bucket and let it sink. You mix it up, take this screen and bring that pulp to the top. Allow the water to drain and you’re left with something that’s almost a card. But, with all this community support, soon, Paperworks hopes it will be making more than cards.

“We were not satisfied with just making the same Paperworks,” said Zamierowski, alluding to a new line of products. “We are expanding our ideas, our products… we’re moving upward, along with moving forward.”

Those changes–to be revealed at a later date, but for now, Dan and his co-workers will keep their smiles on… and the cards coming.